Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company Sucks!

This website is to serve as a public service announcement to all consumers: warning them about the practices of Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company of Michigan, and how they can expect to be treated.

"Insurance the way it should be"...


December 2010 - A theft by burglary into a barn on our property occurred. The local police department were immediately called in and a report filed, along with notifying the PSMIC investigator.

Upon arriving at the residence the investigator began a line of questioning to Mr. Homeowner which was very disturbing, insinuating that the barn looked like a "business" and that he was to prepare for giving depositions about the circumstances of the theft. When the investigator was asked why, he stated, "Standard procedure"- see your policy...

After the initial report was made, (we) the homeowners filled out all of the loss of merchandise forms, some twelve pages of items that were taken. We, the homeowners submitted the list of items to PSMIC loss prevention department and not long after a letter from their attorney arrived stating we were to appear for depositions. Deposition is not the word to describe the experiences we were submitted to, it was more in line with a Nazi inquisition! We were accused by the hired interrogator of hiding the merchandise reported stolen on our own property, we were accused of hiding money, having gambling problems and were the only ones investigated as being the perpetrators of this act against ourselves. We were subjected to three hours of interrogation each-individually so that they could catch us in" lies", all the while trying to" establish motive" as it was put to the wife homeowner. Motive! They needed to talk to the thieves to find out their motive - not us!


I ask you as a consumer, is this" Insurance the Way it Should Be?" I hope not! But by some of the statements made in "Letter to Consumer" by PSMIC President Kurt Foley,( please see our PSMIC's President page), it just may well be that way! Certainly not for any benefit of the consumer! In addition, please see our "PSMIC & the Occult" page for more insight! We have also attached our letter to Mr. Kurt Foley, the President of PSMIC on our "PSMIC's President" page, so you can get more of the truth. Of course, to date- two years later and counting, we have received no response! This amount of time was more than gracious, Kurt. As a bonus, we have added the letter from our lawyer who witnessed our treatment, on the "True Testimonial" page, a copy of this was sent along to PSMIC's President as well.  


It certainly makes one wonder about the morals and ethics of these insurance companies. Who is their loyalty to, and what are their core beliefs? We now have our eyes opened and would like to share that information with you. Their symbolism and motto say it all very clearly. Please visit our "PSMIC & The Occult" page!


We hope that after viewing this website, you can avoid any future problems- and CHOOSE ANOTHER INSURANCE COMPANY now!


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