Audacity of PSMIC!

Audacity of Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company

 What kind of sick joke is this? After being so disrespectfully treated by our insurance company, President Kurt Foley has the audacity to send us a survey on how we were treated!  To be honest, the fact that they sent me a survey- after I sent Kurt a certified letter describing my treatment, made me see red! I have had to change the wording on this page many times, as I slowly regained control of my thoughts. Obviously, Kurt- this website is our testimonial, as well as the hundreds/thousands of your loyal customers which you have screwed.

Please read for yourself below, and do not be distracted by the Occultic/Nazi Eagle, which is also called the "Reichsadler"-staring over you:

 Was this survey done as a means of true customer satisfaction by reviewing the methodologies in place and maybe changing them to better suit clients? Or perhaps it was done, as most criminals do, to ensure complete control over the situation and assure the sick pleasure of pain by their hand? "We realize that our claims service is our most important responsibility to our policyholders...". This is why we were treated worse than criminals, and the outcome most disappointing. More policyholders need to be aware of how you operate, Kurt! Like  your slogan says, this is "Insurance the way it should be". Thanks for sharing that.

 If you have a story of how Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company has treated you, please send it to us. We will not publish your name or address, but feel your experiences with this dreadful company is most important to informing the general public as well as policyholders.

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