PSMIC's President

What type of President is he?

Kurt P. Foley
Kurt P. Foley was named president and CEO of Pioneer State Mutual by the board of directors on December 14, 2005.

Mr. Foley joined Pioneer in 1992 as a field representative. In 1998, he became agency director and in April 2000 he was appointed vice president, director of marketing. He was appointed senior vice president in April 2005. He rec
eived his CIC designation in 1994.



A letter from

Kurt Foley

to the



























































Letter from Consumer

to Kurt Foley


“Insurance the way it should be”


Here we have the slogan that El Presidente Foley chose to campaign for Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company. In his 2009 Letter to the suckers, I mean consumers he clearly tells us how he plans to CONTROL his consumers. They are looking for ways to cut their losses, oh- and by the way their assets have increased over $22 million dollars!  Look at excerpt from his manifesto below, this author has added boldness and italics for emphasis:


“Ready to meet the challenges before us

Incurred losses decreased slightly, going from $88.3 million to $86.9 million.

One of the company’s biggest concerns is the net underwriting loss of $4.5 million, which was led by our two largest lines of business, personal automobile and homeowners.

The homeowner’s line, which is our second largest line, produced a $1.9 million dollar underwriting loss. The company continues to experience an increase in losses attributed to the deterioration of the economy, such as vacant and foreclosed properties and fraud.
Our loss prevention department is diligent in looking for ways to prevent and/or control these types of losses.

Our assets increased over $22 million to $324 million.

We appreciate your confidence in placing your insurance with us and do not take it for granted.

Thank you for your business.


Kurt P. Foley

President, CEO”

So, as one can clearly now see, he has told us how they plan to increase their assets. This is by “Controlling these types of losses.” And how is that ultimately accomplished? By paying pennies on the dollar to their consumers which have incurred losses! Sure there are lots of fraudulent claims involved running an insurance company, but I would think that their crack team of investigators would be able to discern the real from the fakes in short order. Meanwhile they treat ALL of their customers as the TSA does. Elderly folk in wheel chairs, disabled military veterans and little children with autism are still body cavity searched as if they were the most extreme violent terrorist. No difference with Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company. You are guilty until you prove your innocence. Next sucker, please!

When choosing an insurance company, please consider what their leader is actually saying. As in our last US presidential election, one of the runners claimed “Change”-then won, and look what we now have....



M & M Homeowners

White Lake, MI


Mr. Kurt P. Foley, President and CEO

Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company

1510 North Elms Road

Flint, MI 48532


Dear Mr. Foley,


This letter is written because, as a fellow business owner, I believe that you would like to know when your corporate slogan “Insurance the way it should be” is not represented by your company and contracted third parties.


First, a brief history.  After much searching for a “good” insurance company, we came across Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company (PSMIC).    With all appearance of being a strong Michigan based organization, we signed on!  Unfortunately, in December 2010, after TWELVE years of faithfully paying our dues for our vehicles, boat and house, we had to make a claim.


On December the 9th 2010, we had suffered a violation by theft. Someone broke into our pole barn and stole massive quantities of tools, equipment, fishing and hunting gear, etc… Our claim number is XO-#&*+123. A brief review of our case will no doubt reveal the extent of our devastating loss both financially and emotionally.


Pursuant to our agreement, your organization conducted weeks of investigation. From the onset, your organization no longer treated us as valuable customers who were “in good hands” but with a posture that presumed that my wife and I were the perpetrators of this violation by theft.  It was as if PSMIC assumed that we were guilty of stealing our own equipment despite the fact that a police report was immediately filed. We continue to hope that the local police will be able to catch the thieves but our insurance company, who has been gladly receiving payments from us for the past twelve years, has treated us as if we are the thieves.  


As requested, we complied with all of your investigation requests and even went beyond!  After a lengthy investigation, we were notified that we were being asked to testify under oath.   This unusual procedural step inclined me to secure the services of my attorney to witness this event.  


Both my wife and I were required to take a full day off from work to undergo what ended up being nothing short of an accusatory interrogation.  First, my wife, sick with a sinus infection, was alone with your interrogator (so called counselor) with our lawyer present.   Over a two hour period, outrageous accusations spoken in a derogatory way finally provoked my wife to a response of screaming which I could clearly hear from the next room (I ask you to imagine if it was your wife in the other room). Then came my turn, and it lasted nearly three hours.  My “examination” was also comprised of numerous accusations from the prosecuting attorney: apparently driven by a desire to coerce some inconsistency in my testimony so as to obtain a larger percentage of the booty for his services.


This “interview” was described by my attorney as the “worst treatment of a customer that he had ever witnessed” (please see attached letter).  For an organization to treat loyal twelve year customers as if they were criminals is reprehensible.


Despite this treatment, we remained hopeful that equitable reimbursement of our loss would be realized as we have not overstated our loss nor been dishonest in our testimony and have provided all necessary documentation.   After thirty days, we received a letter of  “final determination” that stated that the majority of our losses were not covered due to an exception clause that stated that anything used for business AT ANY TIME was excluded from the policy.  Years ago, I used some of the tools that were stolen for business purposes.  If applied consistently, this wide-sweeping statement could be applied to many things in most homes (phones, computers, clothing, automobiles, tools, etc.).  I understand the requirement of insuring business tools and equipment under a separate commercial policy but the interpretation in my situation reaches far beyond the level of Good Faith in Business Practice.


In closing, if our case handling is an example of “Insurance the way it should be” by PSMIC, then we feel that the insured public should be made aware of such unacceptable business practices. After a faithful twelve year relationship, we feel that when needed, you have proven to be unfaithful.   Please know that this affiliation is soon coming to an end. As a professional courtesy, I wanted to give you the opportunity to address my concerns just as I would appreciate the same treatment.


Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.




M & M Homeowners