" Why would Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company use such a provacative image, as the Nazi Eagle?!"

Symbolism & Ties to the Occult?

The use of symbols by man has been around as long as he has been treading the earth. Early man has left us clues of his time here by drawing inside of caves and rocks. These images while rudimentary, still gives us some insight to the things which were most important to him. Objects of food gathering, religious objects and even some self-portraits have been discovered. Through the centuries man has still managed to express himself with artistic flair, but the images have taken a more notorious turn.


Once man left his wandering and tribal groups he then began congregating in cities and towns, the use of symbols came to the forefront for religions and powerful leaders. Not only as a means of “catching ones eye” to lure proselytes and recruits, but to instill fear and dread in the masses. To show ones power over the weak, an awe inspiring image was needed.


 Depictions of something naturally known to be powerful such as: lightning, a lion, eagle, dragon, the sun, or even a snake was common place. Then man started to use symbols, intricate drawings of geometric design or thought to be from some lost language began to emerge. The use of such symbols took an underground turn during the Reformation era and one would not see them on the surface of society. However, starting with the enlightened period of the early nineteenth century, we start to see these symbols emerge in writings and art. Characters such as Alastair Crowley and Alice Bailey thoroughly encouraged their use. As we move on in time we start to see these occultic symbols being integrated into large corporations-advertisements, being slowly and purposely introduced into society’s light. Ultimately culminating in being the banner for revolution and evil desires as Hitler showed us in his conquest of Germany and Europe.


As we now land in 2013, I hope this brief history will help us to better understand what we are all getting on our insurance statements. While it is true there are nefarious symbols all around us, we will now just focus on one in particular. Before I get into the explanation of the subject at hand, please let me just say one thing here. In an era when marketing and advertising rule our everyday lives, we are bombarded with symbols. While there are many things which stick in our minds such as a catchy jingle or song, or an exciting or funny visual to remind us of the product which is being touted, we must focus on “what is being said”. The Super bowl commercials come to mind when it comes to smart and ingenious ways to sell product. For the purpose of this article we are focusing on insurance.


Right off the bat I can think of some symbols which remind me of insurance. How about a white duck with a funny comedian’s voice? Or a cute little lizard-gecko-with an Australian accent? An Elk (ok, deer for some…) majestically gazing? How about a giant rock of an island? Another one was those annoying squirrels that were always causing accidents…? These came right to mind without much thought, I was programmed (brainwashed) to think of these particular insurance companies when their particular brand image was seen.

Now, on to the point of this treatise: Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company. What comes to mind when one ponders the thought of this band of insurers? Have you ever noticed the symbol which appears on your (exuberant) statement letters? Let’s take a look, shall we:

Here you see they have a scary looking eagle which is rising from a circle and has their name with a line-then their description. Kind of strikes me that I have seen this somewhere before, seems very familiar. Oh yeah, that’s right, I remember where I saw that-its a Nazi eagle! It even has a name, the "Reichsadler" or "Parteiadler".  Well actually this symbol is so old ancient Rome even used it.

History has proven that this symbol has come to mean control, obedience and even death! Make no doubt about it that these particular symbols were all chosen for a reason: to show who “was in control”. There is another example which comes to my mind. Heavy Metal bands tend to choose dark and often occultic symbols with which they adorn their album covers and merchandise. Here is an album cover from the band Slayer. Again, note the use of eagle and circle beneath/in front of it and interestingly all three eagles are looking the same direction. Coincidence? I should think not. Look at the PSMIC logo above and see if one notices any similarities.

As we can now see some modern examples which also use the same symbology as PSMIC, one must ask some questions. In an age when corporations spend millions of dollars for branding/images/advertising, why would PSMIC use such a provocative image as the “Nazi eagle”? I would much rather invoke the image of a white duck, gecko or an elk over that evil looking eagle to a perspective customer. The use of such imagery surely is of no accident, but by choice. If by choice, then what are they trying to portray? What subliminal message is being sent every time we view their company logo? This author will now attempt to humbly and reasonably break down the PSMIC image.


Obviously the viewer is greeted with the silhouette of the Nazi eagle which appears to be coming out of the circle encompassing the whole picture.


 The circle usually has the connotation of completion/perfection and also some eternal or continual traits to it, history has shown. The eagle, particularly this notorious rendition of the eagle is always connected with aggression, control, power and almost always has dark overtones associated with it. Now if we combine these elements, we are left with the symbolism for "complete control, or Perfect Power", depending on the interpretation of the reader. What is PSMIC trying to tell us- that they have "complete Control" over us? This writer totally agrees with this conclusion after having experienced first had their treatment of faithful decade long customers!


 After a brief review and investigation of the information given here, and compared with historical archives, the reader of even moderate intelligence will come to the same conclusions.


 This writer submits to you- the insured consumer,  the many questions which were raised during the research for this essay. Why continue to use such an ugly/dark logo to represent your company? 


 If after reading the above you are unconvinced, then go ahead and keep supporting this Occult like- Gnotsee organization. Don't say you were not warned if you ever have the need to file a claim with PSMIC. We urge you to consider other insurance options, there are many out there. Now you may be a little more knowledgeable and shy instantly away from companies that use such dreadful symbols!