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MB,                                                                               March 25, 2011

White Lake, MI

RE: Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company

Dear M,

This correspondence is to express my sincere outrage with respect to the treatment you and your wife received from Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company secondary to your recent insurance claim.

As indicated to you previously, I have been practicing law for thirty (30) years and have not previously witnessed any insurance company under these circumstances treat an insured the way you and your wife were treated by Pioneer.

It is my understanding that you have been with Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company as your homeowners’ policy carrier for approximately eleven (11) years. It is also my understanding that you have had no prior claims against this policy for any prior events at your home. Also, I am of the understanding that presently you are experiencing no financial or credit difficulties and are meeting all your continued monthly obligations as they come due. Hence, you are reliable and financially stable. You have been paying premiums on your Pioneer policy since 1999 and to my knowledge there have been no delinquencies whatsoever.

Nevertheless, secondary to the burglary loss that you experienced at your home, you and your wife have been a point of investigation by Pioneer. In essence, you were viewed by Pioneer as having potentially submitted a false claim for the purpose of collecting insurance proceeds wrongfully.

Your insurance policy allows Pioneer to conduct in its discretion an examination of you under oath to ascertain any culpability on your part. Nevertheless, because of your prior faithful payment of your premiums, no criminal history, and timely payment of all your financial obligations as they come due, you do not present yourself as a likely individual to commit insurance fraud.

Under circumstances where there is no prior history of criminal activity and no prior history of credit difficulties, my experience indicates that insurance companies simply require a police report be prepared and they leave the investigatory function to the local police department. In this situation, Pioneer became the spearhead of the investigation and it was clear at your deposition that you and your wife were the focal point of their examination.

I think Pioneer's approach in your situation was disrespectful of the loyalty and good faith exhibited by you and your wife in having retained and kept Pioneer as your insurance carrier for several years. This is most unfortunate.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to give me a call.

Robert D. Delisi

Attorneys and Counselors

Clarkston, MI